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The color in the fight against cancer

We know that breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops from the breast cells. In most of the times the breast cancer starts with the transformation of the milk-producing cells of the lobules or the ducts where it drains the milk from the lobes to the nipple. Less frequently the breast cancer originates from the fibrous and adipose tissue of the breast. It is said that as the disease progresses, the cancer cells can invade nearby healthy tissue of the breast.

It is for this reason that the company specialized in the development of equipment and surgical devices created the new sterile ink system for marking of different colors the areas that have been affected by cancer in the breast and the areas where the cancer has not spread. This is done in order to be able to give you an accurate diagnosis to patients and to determine if the cancer has spread or if it has been submitted.

Vector Surgical is one of the most powerful innovations that exist today, as the manufacturing instruments and apparatus ophthalmic medical, surgical, and supply 80% all the needs of both the patient and the doctors. The creation of this sterile ink kit to mark the areas where cancerous tissue has been removed is one of the most effective of all creations because, with the help of this innovative method, doctors and pathological laboratories can give you an accurate diagnosis to patients suffering from breast cancer and may also remove a 52% of the errors that were committed before this method there each time they had to make a diagnosis.

So we invite you to consult and know much more about this method as innovative and revolutionary that this company has created especially for people who suffer from breast cancer, here in this your new favorite in internet site you will find everything you need and more. Any doubts or questions you might have about the procedure on how to use the ink kit sterile you can address with our trained staff of customer service through emails available in the contacts from this web site.

Do not hesitate for a second to do the tests necessary to rule out breast cancer on time, you can also find information here on the blog of this website The use of color for the fight against cancer is a reality.